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Prepared flours (or mixes) are a combination of ingredients formulated to prepare a specific type of product. Only the addition of liquid (water and/or egg and/or oil and/or yeast) is required to make the products.  The ingredients added depend on the final product.

Prepared mixes already include most of the ingredients used in baking, such as salt, sugar, milk and fat, and other ingredients which are essential to any bread recipe.

The typical ingredients of prepared flours are wheat flour, fat, sugar, milk, salt, dairy products, emulsifiers and leavenings.

“Taste of the Year Food Service 2016” Certification for Espiga Mixes.

It is important to note that a variety of flour mixes made at our facility, Harinera La Espiga in Mexico City, recently obtained the “Taste of the Year Food Service 2016” Certification, one of the most important and trusted certifications in the food service industry in Mexico.

The following prepared flour mixes made at Bunge’s Espiga mill received the Taste of the Year (El Sabor del Año Food Service 2016) Certification: RichCreme Chocolate, RichCreme Vainilla, Pan de Muerto Mix, Rosca de Reyes Mix, Superblend Mix and Pastel Esponja Mix.

This certification supports our differentiation strategy in the market for prepared flours.

Premixes Benefits

  • Pre-mixed flours ready to use just by adding liquids
  • Delicious flavor and exquisite appearance
  • Excellent for a variety of cakes and breads
  • Easy to use, handle and quick to prepare
  • Superior performance and outstanding finishings
  • Consistent results: uniform pieces
  • Longer shelf life of up to 60%, better than with traditional formulas
  • Better administration: Greater control and lower losses

Espiga Mix premixes are an “all in one” solution just add the flour, water and/or eggs and/or oil or margarine and/or yeast, you easily get a sweet bread or a great cake. The Espiga Mix formula has been a leading brand in the Mexican market for more than 30 years.  It offers our business partners guaranteed results.

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RichCreme Cake Mix (chocolate and vanilla)

Used for creamy cakes with fruit or stuffing.


Premium Cake Mix (chocolate and vanilla)

Used for cakes with creamy or fondant coverage.


Esponja Cake Mix

Used for sponge cakes that require high absorption of milk, syrups or liqueurs.


Pudding Cake Mix

Used for fine sponge cakes with professional finishings and gourmet pastries.


Piña Colada Cake Mix

Used for cakes or stuffed breads.


Bisquet Mix

Used for traditional and soft bisquets.


Bizcocho Mix

A wide variety of traditional sweet breads..


Chapata Mix

Ciabattas with unique flavor and texture for rustic bakery.


Danés Mix

Wide variety of delicious and traditional danish sweet bread.


Pan de Muerto Mix

Used for traditional bread pan de muerto.


Rosca de Reyes Mix

Used for the traditional Rosca de Reyes.


Superblend Mix

Used for donuts and other fried products with low fat absorption.


Dona Cake Mix

Donut cake, also known as instant donut. Offers long shelf life and minimum fat absorption.


Pan de Pueblo Mix

Pan de pueblo.


Red Velvet Cake Mix

Used for baking red velvet cakes.

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