Frying oil is a medium which transmits heat from the source to the food and becomes a part of the fried food.

Trans Fat Free Frying Oils

Bunge trans fat free frying oils combine long fry life and superior nutritional metrics providing a healthier option for your customers. Fried foods may contain from 7% to over 35% oil, based on weight, the food being fried, and the frying conditions. An ingredient making up such a large percentage of the finished product is of prime importance to consumer health.



Nutra-Clear® NT® Ultra, High Oleic Canola Oil

With zero grams trans fat and the lowest saturated fat among cooking oils, Nutra-Clear® NT® Ultra delivers healthier, great tasting fried food with every order. Perfect for deep fried foods or for preparing delicate scratch Aioli’s, this 100% high oleic, low linolenic canola frying oil offers both ultra stability and versatility that is unmatched by any product in its category. NCNT Ultra delivers exceptionally long fry life which helps lower food costs and provides labor savings, all while improving sustainability.


Pour’n Fry NT®, High Oleic Canola Oil and Soy Oil Blend

Pour’n Fry NT® is a blend of soybean and high oleic canola oils which delivers a unique taste profile and excellent fried food quality. Made with North American soybean and canola oil it offers a perfect frying medium for comfort food favorites, such as southern fried chicken. Exceptional fry life and lower overall supply and labor cost.


Bunge® Canola Oil NA

Bunge® Canola Oil NA is a non hydrogenated, trans fat-free no additives canola salad & cooking oil well suited for general cooking & baking applications. Kosher.


Amaizing NT®, High Oleic Canola Oil and Corn Oil Blend

An award winning* blend of corn and high oleic canola oil, Amaizing NT®’s distinct taste profile allows operators to deliver authentic regional cuisine to their patrons. Amaizing NT®’s unique formula works remarkably well with tortilla chips and fried fish by enhancing flavor and eliminating oily residue. *Amaizing NT took home top honors in the consumer sensory evaluation administered by, an independent test administered by Texas A&M’s renowned Food Protein Center.


Pro-Formance® NT, High Oleic Soy Oil and Soy Oil Blend

Perfect for your weekly frying rotations, Pro-Formance® NT is a trans-fat free, low in saturated fat frying oil. Pro-Formance® NT delivers great fried food taste with consistent performance. A special blend of High Oleic Soy and Soy Oil offers a clean taste profile that does not interfere with the foods being prepared.


Whole Harvest Expeller Pressed Oils

Superior Expeller Pressed Oils for Culinary and Food Innovation. Traditionally Grown: Rooted in North America, working closely with North American Farmers.Simply Processed: Expeller Pressed, gently refined.Clean Ingredients: Retained Vitamin E and Omega 3's, no preservatives, no TBHQ Contributing to Healthier, Functional Foods: Enhanced performance and nutrtional profiles.

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