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With a focus on innovation and consumer trends, we produce a wide variety of edible oils and milled-grain food products used by restaurants, bakeries, foodservice, food processor and retail markets.

We are the Oil and Milling Experts. With our state-of-the-art Bunge Ingredient and Innovation Center (BiiC) and our mobile food truck, Bunge M.O.E. – which stands for Mobile Oil Experts – we continuously bring innovative solutions to our customers. We also actively monitor commodity markets and offer a variety of pricing options and risk management strategies.

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Bunge's non-PHO, trans free products

Bunge offers a broad portfolio of trans free products, some made from patented processes that have helped our customers reduce the amount of trans in food products by more than 70% over the last decade. Download a list of products designed to help eliminate trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils from your food products.

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CA SB 657 Compliance

Bunge currently assesses its suppliers for a number of factors and may consider expanding this assessment to obtain additional information regarding supplier compliance with the Act.

Product Categories

Bakers using all-purpose shortenings

All-Purpose and Frying Shortenings

All-purpose, no trans per serving Bunge shortenings are pure-white plastic shortenings, which are specially formulated for easy mixing and excellent creaming. They can be used in a wide variety of food items and applications. All-purpose shortenings are typically used for cookies, biscuits, pie crusts and general baking.

Salad Oils are excellent for dressings, mayonnaise, general cooking, baking and light frying.

Ancient Grains

Enhance any food items with the nutritional and functional benefits of Ancient Grains.

Crevettes panées.

Batter and Breading

Bunge customizes batter and breading formulas for our customers. Batter is a semi-liquid mixture formed by combining single or multiple grain with liquids such as water, milk or eggs. Breading is a dry food coating created from cornmeal, bread crumbs, flour and seasoning.

Bunge Milling offre une variété d'options de tarification et les stratégies de gestion des risques.

Corn and Specialty Ingredients

A product can only be as good as the ingredients that go into it. That’s why we’re so particular about the corn we buy. We purchase yellow and white corn directly from growers, analyzing each truckload for test weight, moisture, stress cracks and foreign materials.

Corn masa flour is used for tortillas and other products

Corn Masa Flour

We are your one-stop source for premium corn masa flour. We produce a variety of white, yellow and blends for many items from corn chips to table tortillas, and corn bread products.

Use emulsified shortenings for Cakes, Icings, Bread and Yeast Raised Doughs.

Emulsified Shortenings

Bunge emulsified shortenings are formulated with a unique emulsifying system that holds oil, shortening and water together to produce a moister product for a longer period of time. Use emulsified shortenings for cakes, icings, bread and yeast-raised doughs. Where ingredients become a valuable resource, we are there - helping our customers better serve theirs.

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Expeller Pressed Oils

Rooted in North America, working closely with North American farmers, Bunge creates non-GMO expeller pressed oils for culinary and food innovation. Soybean, canola and sunflower seeds are expeller pressed to produce clean and highly stable oil ingredients.

Grignotines extrudées.

Extruded Snacks

Bunge is pleased to offer our new facility for the contract manufacture of extruded snacks, cereals and inclusions. Partnering with our customers and suppliers, we are able to develop extruded items in a variety of shapes and flavors.

A flaked shortening is used to impart increased flakiness to baked goods.

Flaked Shortenings

Bunge customizes flaked shortenings for our customers.  These products increase flakiness in baked goods and can be used by themselves or in combination with other shortenings. The physical characteristics and stability of flaked shortenings are particularly conducive to dry mix applications.

Liquid Butter Alternatives can be used in any instance where butter or margarine is required.

Liquid Butter Alternatives

Liquid Butter Alternatives can be used in any instance where butter or margarine is required, at a cost significantly lower than butter with zero grams of trans fat per serving. These products are extremely versatile, they will not burn, scorch or spatter. Add a prepared in butter taste to your sauteing, grilling and basting applications. Try it on popcorn, it's great!

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Margarines and Buttery Spreads

Margarines can be used as a functional and less expensive butter replacement that provides both richness and stability to finished baked goods without jeopardizing flavor. Buttery spreads are trans fat free, provide fewer calories per serving than solid fats, like butter, and provide a rich source of heart-healthy unsaturated fat.

Bunge Milling offre une variété d'options de tarification et les stratégies de gestion des risques.

Milled Rice and Specialty Ingredients

Rice’s neutral flavor profile makes it a key ingredient in prepared meals, packaged foods, and restaurant menus. Bunge’s medium grain rice’s high amylopectin content makes it ideal for preparing authentic Asian dishes and expanded extruded products, all of which are gluten-free.

Bunge Specialty shortenings are formulated to solve specific product challenges.

Specialty Shortenings

Bunge Specialty shortenings are formulated to solve specific product challenges: from shortening designed for very cold doughs to shortenings processed for optimal crystal structure and plasticity at specific temperatures. Where ingredients become a valuable resource, we are there. Helping our customers better serve theirs.

Frying oil is a medium which transmits heat from the source to the food and becomes a part of the fried food.

Trans Fat Free Frying Oils

Bunge trans fat free frying oils combine long fry life and superior nutritional metrics providing a healthier option for your customers. Fried foods may contain from 7% to over 35% oil, based on weight, the food being fried, and the frying conditions. An ingredient making up such a large percentage of the finished product is of prime importance to consumer health.

Bunge Milling permet ingrédients à utiliser dans les crêpes.

Wheat and Specialty Ingredients

Whether you are reformulating existing products or creating something new, Bunge’s line of bulgur wheat, wheat bran and germ can help you meet your functional and labeling requirements.

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