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Ag Commodities

We operate an extensive and fully integrated grain origination and export platform in North America. We buy, handle, condition and store agricultural commodities produced by North America’s growers. We either sell them in domestic markets for further processing or export them to customers around the world.

Our expertise in effective risk management is a fundamental strength of our business. Substantial management experience in the use of sophisticated trading strategies, financial instruments and forecasting methods enables us to anticipate market developments and optimize the timing and execution of purchases, sales and hedging — all of which maximize stakeholder returns.

Product Categories

Bunge is one of the leading soybean processors in North America.


We have been building relationships with farmers and customers for almost 100 years to originate quality oilseeds to crush into value-added ingredients.

Bunge is a leading canola processor in Canada.


We are a leading canola processor in Canada, and we operate an efficient network of integrated crushing and refining plants throughout Canada.

Bunge provient maïs et le transporte dans le monde entier.


For almost 100 years, we have been working with farmers to originate quality grain to transport for domestic use and
international export.

Bunge est un meunier de maïs, le riz et le blé.


We've built strong relationships with North America's farmers to originate and offer all classes of U.S. wheat, Canadian wheat and Mexican durum.

Sorgho-grain américain est considéré comme un "grain ancien."


U.S. grain sorghum is considered an "ancient grain." We work with farmers to originate quality grains, like sorghum, to transport for domestic use and international export.


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