Grignotines extrudées.

Extruded Snacks

Bunge is pleased to offer our new facility for the contract manufacture of extruded snacks, cereals and inclusions. Partnering with our customers and suppliers, we are able to develop extruded items in a variety of shapes and flavors.



Extruded Filled Pillow Puffs

A crisp shell hides the soft filling within; these pillows are intense! The flavor combinations of shell and filling are endless and can range from cheese to chocolate, savory to sweet.


Extruded Snack Sticks

Made with real potatoes, these sticks are like french fries that are great for snacking anytime. Just don't limit this concept to french fries; think sweet potato, carrot or even purple corn sticks.


Extruded Other Puffed Shapes

Balls, curls, bubbles, tubes, bananas, cups, disks, stars and more, we want to make your next big idea a reality. Our extruders are capable of so much more than we have room to describe here. Just ask!

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