Bunge utilise efficacement les sous-produits agricoles pour produire des fluides hydrauliques, des matériaux de construction, les adhésifs, et plus encore.

Bioenergy and Industrial Products

Bunge's North American oilseed processing footprint and access to raw commodities enables us to provide all grades of soybean oil and canola oil – both crude and refined – along with corn and corn oil to satisfy the needs of bioenergy producers and transform these goods into products suitable for industrial application.

We apply almost 200 years fo risk management experience to provide a competitive edge to biofuels producers and customers who use our products to manufacture a variety of industrial products.

We provide ingredients to manufacture lubricants, adhesives, coatings, inks, polyurethane, rubber, compounding, plastics, chemical, concrete, agents, soap, and more.

Product Categories

Bunge's industry expertise allows us to produce and supply biodiesel.


Biodiesel is considered America’s first advanced biofuel. It is a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement that is creating green jobs and improving our environment.

Bunge efficiently produces corn- and sugar-ethanol.


Our network of grain elevators helps supply the corn-based ethanol industry.  We also produce ethanol through our joint venture with Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy.

Bunge produits sont utilisés pour fabriquer des adhésifs.


We apply our industry expertise in processing raw agricultural commodities to efficiently supply industrial manufacturers with byproducts to make a variety of adhesives and glues.

Bunge propose des matériaux pour créer des matériaux de contruction comme liant plâtre.

Construction Materials

We efficiently use agricultural byproducts to supply industrial manufacturers with products used to make a variety of construction materials, including gypsum binding for dry wall and other building materials.

Bunge processes agricultural commodities to produce hydraulic fluids, lubricants, and more.


We use our industry expertise in processing raw agricultural commodities to provide oils for use in hydraulic fluids, lubricants, and more.

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