Heat Treated Wheat Germ HTWG 350

Heat treated wheat germ ingredients are used in a variety of products, including mixes, cereals, and baked goods. Heat treatment inactivates natural enzymes, giving our wheat germ a longer shelf-life. In addition to enhancing nutritional profile, our wheat germ give piece identity and naturally enhance the flavor of the foods they are added to.

Product Description

HTWG 350 Analysis


  • Mixes
  • Cereals
  • Baked Goods
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Wheat Bran Benefits

The benefits of choosing whole grain bulgur wheat and wheat bran are clear, from a lower risk for chronic illnesses such as hear disease, diabetes and cancer, to reduced glycemic response, weight management and digestive health. Whether you are reformulating existing products or creating something new, Bunge's line of bulgur wheat, wheat bran and germ can help you meet your functional and labeling requirements.

HTWB 350 nutritional panel

Ingredient Statement

  • Wheat Bran


  • 50 lb (22.68 Kg) Kraft multi-wall paper bags

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