UltraBlends 415 Donut Frying Shortening

Utilizing a unique enzymatic process, Bunge Oils brings you a new line of shortenings and oils. These products eliminate trans fat and optimize saturated fats, while delivering superior functionality, great taste and the quality you and your customers demand.

Product Description

ultrablends 415 Donut frying shortening
Bunge UltraBlends Technology (Enzymatic Solutions)

415 Donut Frying Shortening

  • Clean flavor and aroma in fried dough products
  • Light in color with good color stability in the fryer
  • No Hydrogenation, no additives
  • 100% domestic oil
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UltraBlends Enzymatic Solutions

Enzymatic Interesterification, the unique process by which Bunge produces UltraBlends Enzymatic Solutions, is a proprietary process of rearranging the fatty acids to provide structure and functionality at room temperature.

UltraBlends 415 donut frying shortening Nutritional Panel and SFC
Ingredient Statement

  • Interesterified Soybean Oil.
Packaging Options

  • UPC 78684-73530
  • 50 lb cube

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