NH Technology 528 Table Grade Margarine

A non-hydrogenated, water-churned, all vegetable roll-in margarine specialty designed for high performance applications on automated laminated dough lines. Zero grams of trans fat per serving. Improves the nutritional profile of your foods. Specially formulated and processed roll-in margarine for use in laminated dough such as croissants, danish and other fine pastries. this margarine extrudes and handles extremely well through fat pumps due to its high level of plasticity and superior emulsion stability resulting in uniform lamination between dough layers. Suitable for both frozen dough and finished bakery applications. Best perfomance is achieved when using this margarine on an automated dpough line.

Product Description

528 Tabe Grade NH Margarine
Bunge NH Technology (Non Hydrogenated)

528 Table Grade Margarine

Formerly known as Bunge Croissant NH Margarine

  • Sugared margarine designed for roll-in applications including croissant and Danish
  • No salt added
  • Kosher Parve
Ingredient Statement

  • Palm Oil, Water, Soybean Oil, Sugar, Soybean Lecithin (Soy), with Mono- and Diglycerides added. Potassium Sorbate and Citric Acid added as preservatives. Artificial Butter Flavor. Colored with Beta Carotene. Vitamin A Palmitate added. Contains Soy.
528 NH Table Grade Margarine image
Packaging Options

  • UPC 78684-73118
  • 50 lb cube

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