Golden Award NT®, Liquid Butter Alternative

Golden Award NT® can be used in any instance where butter or margarine is required, at a cost significantly lower than butter. With a "prepared in butter taste," it performs excellently in sautéing, grilling and basting applications.


Product Description

Product Description

  • Zero Grams Trans Fat Per Serving
  • Preferred real butter taste 
  • Costs less than butter
  • Made with High Oleic Canola oil which resists darkening
  • Contains no water, less spattering than butter
  • Contains no milk solids, less scorching than butter
  • No refrigeration necessary

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Golden Award NT® from the Bunge Oil Experts

Excellent performing butter alternative that delivers "prepared in butter taste" in your sautéing, grilling and basting applications.

Golden Award NT®
Packaging Options

Golden Award NT®  Delta K Parve

  • UPC code: 78684-72997
  • Shipping Weight: 24.9 lbs
  • Pack Size: 3/1 gal case
  • SAP Material number:

  • UPC code: 78684-72996
  • Shipping Weight: 37.3 lbs
  • Pack Size: 2/17.5 lb case
  • SAP Material number:

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