Whole Harvest Expeller Pressed Oils

Superior Expeller Pressed Oils for Culinary and Food Innovation. 

Traditionally Grown: Rooted in North America, working closely with North American Farmers.

Simply Processed: Expeller Pressed, gently refined.

Clean Ingredients: Retained Vitamin E and Omega 3's, no preservatives, no TBHQ 

Contributing to Healthier, Functional Foods: Enhanced performance and nutrtional profiles.

Product Description

  • Expeller Pressed, Gently Refined
  • Zero Grams Trans Fat Per Serving; No Hydrogenation
  • Low saturated fat level per serving
  • Outstanding fried food quality
  • Neutral Flavor
  • Retains Vitamin E and Omega 3s
  • Highly versatile oil

Expeller Pressed Oils

Expeller Pressed Oils for Food Service and Food Manufacturing Applications

Frying, Cooking, Baking and More

Canola Oils, Soybean Oils, and Blends available

Offering NON-GMO Varieties

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