PIRMI - PREMIUM Maruyu Sushi Rice

Maruyu Premium Sushi - Pronounce (Ma-rue-you)

Maruyu rice utilizes the Musenmai process, an additional step in the milling process, which uses small tapioca beads to further polish and clean white rice to remove all bran layers and produce a completely cleaned rice product.

Product Description

mussenmia rice

The freshly milled Musenmia rice is also double color sorted to provide a super clean rice ready for packaging. Without the need for washing the rice prior to cooking, the Musenmai process saves time and conserves water. Rice connoisseurs are able to taste and feel the difference the highly polished smooth musenmai rice imparts on the rice kernel.

  • High end sushi chefs will prefer this brand when given the opportunity to compare taste and texture
  • I.P. specialty blend for functionality
  • Very sticky consistency, ideal for sushi
  • US No.1, less than 4% broken
  • Available in 50lb and 5lb sizes

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