PGF 1000 Pregelatinized Corn Flour

As consumers demand better nutrition, food companies are pushing the limits to create products that taste great and are health for you. The benefits of choosing whole grain corn and bran ingredients are clear, from a lower risk for chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer, to reduced glycemic response, wight management and digestive health. Whether you are reformulating existing products or creating something new, Bunge's line of whole grain corn and bran can help you meet your functional and labeling requirements.

Product Description

PCF 1000 Pregelatinized Corn Flour photo

Ingredient Statement

  • Pregelatinized Yellow Corn Product


  • 40 lb bags, supersacks, bulk truck, bulk rail


  • Industrial
PCF 1000 Pregelatinized Yellow Corn Flour photo

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